Proceeding Book 2nd International Nursing Conference Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya


Assalamu’alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuh

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is my honor and privilage to welcome all participants of the 2nd International Nursing Conference organized by Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to our plenary speakers who have made great contribution in this conference. Thanks and appreciation also goes to the organizing committee.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The issues of global village era have brought great concerns to local businesses and services in Indonesia, especially Surabaya. Attempts of improvement are inevitable to business and service providers, including healthcare services. There have been increases in numbers of foreign patients, who need medical treatments in some hospitals in Surabaya. The presence of foreign patients in some hospitals in some cases, has triggered some issues among health care practitioners. Among other problems related to foreign patients, communication is presumed to be the most serious barrier among healthcare practitioners. It was reported that some nurses were in difficulties when they had to communicate with their foreign patients. In relevant to this issue, we proudly present the 2nd International Nursing Conference under the theme: “Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding and Behavior in Nursing Care Services”. The topics for plenary sessions include:
1. Ethical Concerns in Nursing Practices, will be presented by Associate Prof. Dr. Chang Ching Thon from Unimas, Malaysia.
2. Eliminating Communication Barriers among Health Professionals, will be presented by Dr. Lesley Dornan from The United Kingdom.
3. Cross-Cultural Awareness in Palliative Care, will be presented by Dr. Katrina Breaden from Australia.
4. Standards and Qualities in Providing Care for Foreign In-Patients, will be presented by Mrs. Jany Prihastuty, S.Kep.,Ns, MARS from Indonesia.
We strongly believe that every topic selected in this conference will contribute a great deal of knowledge for every one of us and possibly inspire us to provide better health-care services for every patient treated in local hospitals, especially for those coming from other countries who certainly possess different cultural backgrounds. Of course this is a stepping stone for bigger changes in nursing sciences. We do expect that every audience will take the most benefit of this conference. Finally I would like to express my gratitude and highest appreciation to the speakers, organizing committees, and participants who have made this event possible.
Ladies and Gentlemen…
Without further ado I declare this conference open

Wassalamu’alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuh
Head of STIKES Hang Tuah Surabaya


Wiwiek Liestyanigrum, S.Kp., M.Kep.


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