International Nursing Conference – 2nd SHT INC 2016

Welcome 2nd International Nursing Conference SHT Surabaya

Held on November 5th, 2016

"Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding
and Behavior in Nursing Care Services"

2nd International Nursing Conference

by Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya


2nd SHT INC 2016


The objectives

advance and improve

coverage and quality of nursing practice

demonstrate the nursing contribution

health of individuals, families and communities

provide opportunities

in-depth exchange of experience and expertise



Conference Date


November, 5th 2016

Santika Hotel

Jemursari - Surabaya

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The growing demands for better understanding on Nursing and healthcare practices have produced challenges for many nurses and nurse educators to innovate and seek for ultimate practical experiences. Nurses and nurse educators indeed require updates in every area of nursing to keep pace with the growing needs of healthcare services around the world. In order to provide necessary inputs for the development of nursing practices and nursing education, Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya cordially invites nurses, nurse educators and other healthcare practitioners to exchange ideas, as well as address critical questions on Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding an Bhaviour in Nursing Care Services , an International Nursing Conference held on November 5th, 2016.
The conference will provide opportunities of sharing ideas, building relationships and disseminating current issues on complementary nursing fields. The objectives are as follows:

To advance and improve the coverage and quality of nursing practice

To demonstrate the nursing contribution to the health of individuals, families and communities.

To provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experience and expertise within and beyond the international nursing community.

Nursing is an integral part of health services in which its aspects cover Bio-Psycho-Socio-cultural and comprehensive-Spiritual dimension, aiming at the betterment of individuals, families and communities. Studies have, in fact, been emerging from the nursing and medical field on a regular basis over the past few years, reflecting a wide diversity of complementary application in this area.


DR. Nik Safiah Nik Ismail (Malaysia)
– Ethical Concern in Nursing Practices

DR. Lesley Doman (UK)
– Eliminating Communication Barrirers Among Health Profesional

DR. Katrina Breaden (Australia)
– Cross Cultural in Palliative Care

Mrs. Jani Prihastuty, MARS (Indonesia)
– Standars and Qualities in Providing Care For Foreign in Patients

Conference Date & Place

Date : November 5th 2016
Place : Hotel Santika Jemursari,
Jemursari st. No.258 Surabaya East Java – Indonesia

Conference schedule, oral schedule and list of poster